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Combining current digital and classic analogue technologies

Elgar House, Rufford, Tamworth, B79 7UT, U.K.

Combining current digital and classic analogue technologies


HARLEQUIN RECORDING employs equipment of the finest quality with a range of microphones, some as matched pairs and trios, from Schoeps, Neumann, Microtech Gefell, Beyerdynamic, MBHO/Haun, AKG, Calrec, Coles, sE, Rode and Sony. 


Preserving signal integrity, DECCA design DAV Broadhurst Gardens, Audio Developments, AMEK/Neve TLA RCMA 9098 (remote control), Audient & AEA TRP (ribbon) mic preamps, along with Cloudlifter CL's & Durham buffer amps, are used to feed line level signals directly from the microphone to control room.


Cabling is Star-Quad Liquid Crystal, Oxygen-Free Copper by Van Damme, Van den Hul and Mogami, which is used for the entire signal path, from microphone to digital recorder and monitoring, with Beyer, K&M & Manfrotto microphone stands, and Manfrotto winch stand DECCA Tree.

Our choice of mixers are customised DDA S Series 16-4-2 with both VU and BBC type PPM metering (Henry Wood Hall), DDA S Series 8-2, with transformerless inputs and outputs and a simple signal path, they are prized for their quiet, transparent, detailed & smooth performance.  DAV S.I.P.P., Audio Developments AD245 8-2 & MS AD066 (ll), SQN 4S 4:2 llla,  SQN 4S 4:2 Series lV, SQN 5S ll 5:2 mixers & Mackie mixer complete the list.


Complementing these is a range of state-of-the-art high density digital recorders from SADiE (SADiE LRX location recorder), Sound Devices, Tascam and Mackie, providing high resolution digital recording and mastering with facilities for both PCM (24/192kHz) & DSD, and 24 track 24bit/96kHz multi-track recording.  Handling digital reverb. and signal processing is the TC-Electronics Digital Reverb 4000, with a wide choice of digital reverbs including emulations of earlier, classic reverbs.


Monitoring is via Quad and Sugden amplification with Spendor, Quad Electrostatic and Tannoy monitors. DAT is by Tascam and Panasonic, with headphones from Sennheiser & Beyerdynamic, and Lehmann Black Cube Linear Pro & Glensound dual headphone amplifiers.  Communication utilises Prospect talkback with Canford active monitors and private telephone intercom.


Central to post-production editing & mastering are our SADiE Digital Editors, with a range of  processing softwares, including CEDAR software.  The SADiE workstations play an important part in maintaining the highest quality in our audio productions, and help in keeping our workflow as efficient as possible.


Artwork, Design & Photography are all provided ‘in-house’, artwork utilises Corel and Adobe softwares, and where appropriate photography can be undertaken using Leica, Hasselblad or 5”x4” cameras.

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