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Live Recording

"Location, Location, Location" - a maxim we appreciate, and to which we subscribe.​


Elgar House, Rufford, Tamworth, B79 7UT, U.K.

​Recordings of live performances have a distinct quality all of their own that is not often replicated during a recording session.  The perfection that extensive editing can offer could be






Many music lovers now recognise the value of this sense of the event, and are filling their music collections with a mixture of both studio and live recordings.

Live recording, where timing and preparation are of the essence, whether before, during or after an event, are a regular part of Harlequin's work.  We will listen to your requirements and can advise on the best approach in achieving your goals. Our experience and organisation enable us to complete the task with minimum fuss and maximum success.

Mobile Location recording, specialists brass band, wind bands, choirs, soloists, classical ensembles

missing, but is replaced with the concentrated intensity and raw energy that playing live to an audience engenders. The sound, presence and response of an audience itself brings to the listener an irreplaceable sense of place and the presence of a moment in time.                            If successive performances are to be given, then of course, more opportunities exist for editing.

Live Recording
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