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About Us


...a finely engineered recording, using world class microphones and high resolution digital equipment, made in a carefully chosen acoustic, produced, recorded and edited by award-winning engineers who are themselves professional musicians, and packaged with imaginative and creative artwork.​

​The reality is...Harlequin.

Elgar House, Rufford, Tamworth, B79 7UT, U.K.

Harlequin Recording is a leading digital audio location recording and post-production company based in central England, providing digital audio recording, editing to score and mastering facilities for CD production and broadcast throughout the U.K. 


To date, many CD albums have been produced, and Harlequin's recordings feature regularly on BBC Radio, Internet Radio, Classic FM, and other commercial radio stations, in the U.K., and abroad.


Formed early in the 1980's by Geoffrey Poulton, whose work as audio engineer has run concurrently with that of professional musician, Harlequin is respected for its technical expertise, artistic integrity and uncompromising professionalism.


Put simply - Harlequin Recording has a reputation for quality.


Quality that begins with an attitude of mind where only the best will do, and near enough is not good enough.  A quality achieved through attention to detail at every stage in the process, with this same care and attention extended to each recording undertaken, not only in our choice of equipment, but how we use it.  This applies to every facet of our work.............from finish.   


The same high artistic and engineering standards, with the same high quality equipment - whatever, whoever and wherever.


It's just the way we work....................professionally reliable.





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