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Elgar House, Rufford, Tamworth, B79 7UT, U.K.

...Just some of the musicians recorded by Harlequin​​


Brighouse & Rastrick Band,

Hallé Brass,

GUS Band, 
Kings of Brass,

Tuba Magna,

Holborne Brass,

Fine Arts Brass Ensemble,

The Horn Belles,
Unity Brass,

Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band,

Imperial Brass U.S.A.

Wingates Band

C.W.S. (Glasgow) Band

Haydock Band,

Matthews Norfolk Brass,

Band of the Parachute Regiment & Big Band,

Swindon Concert Brass,

Marple Band,

Staffordshire Band,

Newhall Band,

Southport Citadel Band,

Rivington & Adlington Band,
Bournemouth Concert Brass,

Irwell Springs (Airtours) Band

Ancient Order of Foresters,
Birmingham Citadel Songsters,

Winton Citadel Songsters, 

Leicestershire Co-op Band,

AD Concert Band,

Langley Band,

Warley Male Choir,
Lancashire Police Band,

Wrexham Citadel Band,

New Dimensional Choir,
Birmingham Citadel Band,

Blackburn Citadel Band,
Sandwell Youth Brass Band, Wind Band, Orchestra & Chorus,

Young Ambassadors Band of Gt. Britain.

Lichfield Concert Band

Lichfield Gospel Choir

Artist duo - French & Mottershead

Sinfonia Dal Capo


Eric Ball OBE, Geoffrey Brand, Dr. Roy Newsome, Lt. Col. Torgny Hanson, John Hinckley,

John Berryman, Peter Wise, Paul Andrews, David Maplestone, Mark Freeh, Mark Quinn,

Andy Culshaw, Lt. Col. Chris Davis OBE, Dr. Thomas McCauley, Trevor Fallon,

Cliff Parker, Mark Vause, Arthur Doyle, ​Major Ian McElligott, Phillip McCann, Gary Cutt, Chris Jeans, Nigel Taken, Steve Sykes, James Scott, Keith Watts, Robert Boulter,         Geoffrey Whitham, Fred Crowhurst, Graham Jacklin, Themba Mvula, Keith Slade,

Rod Franks (Principal trumpet - London Symphony Orchestra), James Shepherd,
Andrew Berryman (Hallé Orchestra - M.D. UAE National Symphony Orchestra),

Derek Garside, Stephen Lord, Stephen Pearson, Jim Hayes, Tracey Redfern,

Brian Winter, Andrew Duncan (BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - Hallé Orchestra),

Gordon Higginbottom, Steve Sykes, Ben Dixon, John Maines, Kirsty Abbotts,

Gareth Small (Principal Trumpet - Hallé Orchestra - London Brass),  Jamie Cooper,

Peter Roberts, Brian Evans, Robert Woods, Adam Rutter, Mike Wallbridge,

Kevin Wadsworth, Andy Culshaw, Richard Wilton, Steven Drury, Mick Beeston,

James Fountain (Principal Trumpet Royal Philharmonic Orch., Philharmonia Orch., LSO

Trevor Groom, Jane Freeman, Stephen Roberts, John Clough,

Andy Wood (Session musician, John Wilson Orch., BBC Radio Big Band etc.),

Julian Plummer (Hallé Orchestra), Peter Read, Gillian Hinckley, Rebecca Lundberg,

Andrew Stone-Fewings (Orchestra of The Swan R.S.C.), Carole Crompton, Kevin Holgate, Lyndon Baglin, Colin Druce, Chris Robertson, Ewan Easton (Hallé Orch),

Chris Jeans, Jim Davies, Maxwell Thornton, Cliff Pask, Christine Millar, Helen Fox,

Leah Williams, Andrew McDonald, Adam D. J. Taylor

Pete Hartley - (Violin, electric violin) 

Dave Hassell - (Percussionist)

Mike Fowler - (Jazz Pianist) 

John Smith - (Guitarist)

Colin Druce - (Organist/Pianist)

Arthur Solomon - (Tenor)

Charlotte Moseley - (Concert Violinist)

Alastair Moseley - (Pianist - Clarinettist)

Martin Roscoe - (International Concert Pianist)

Irene Kohler - (International Concert Pianist)

Amanda Roocroft - (International Operatic Soprano)

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